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Podcast Omelette
November 11, 2007, 12:13 pm
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Yesterday morning was spent blissfully listening to one of my favorite podcasts and making myself my very first vegan omelette. The podcast is called Let’s Get Baked, and is the brainchild of Dave Ewenson, Mat Dunlap, and Tom Westoll, three Haligonians who like bands and cooking vegan.

The format of the show is simple and brilliant, one of those ideas I wish I had come up with myself and makes me frustrated because I know I won’t come up with an equally simple/brilliant idea, ever, and will have to be content to consume other people’s output. Anyway, every week, Mat and Dave, the hosts, take one band and one vegan recipe and make the recipe while interviewing the band and playing music. Recipes include rum cake, the best vegan cream pasta known to man, dog treats, pies, cookies, burritos, and omelette.

Anyway, the omelette. I was never a big omelette person back when I ate eggs. The eggs always seemed to ruin the important part, the filling. Even now, after almost 5 years since consuming an egg, the word “omelette” still conjures up images of inch-thick discs of fluffy yellow egg the consistency of foam rubber. I guess what I’m saying is that finding the perfect vegan omelette fix wasn’t really high on my list of things to do, so I kind of surprised myself by deciding to try out the recipe on the podcast.

The “egg” part was made up of grated firm tofu, nutritional yeast, sauteed onion, and spices, and I filled it with chopped tomato, spinach, and tofutti cheese. It didn’t turn out exactly like an omelette, but it was a filling, satisfying breakfast (if slightly greasy, since I had to use assloads of oil to prevent the tofu from sticking to the pan during the 10-15-minute cooking). I’m not going to start preaching conversion from tofu scramble just yet, but I might try some variations on the ‘lette and tell you how it goes.


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jordan! i’m so frustrated about the quicktime gig, i’m gonna have to get it fixed in my puter so i can listen to this. and i agree about the omelette. i’m selfishly glad you didn’t go balls over for it.


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