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A Couple of Things
November 14, 2007, 11:28 pm
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Monday was one of those lazy days where you get up early and start off full of ambition and feel like you’re going to get so much done, and then you come to and realize that it’s 4:30, getting dark, and you’re still in your underpants with no bra. It was one of those days that I was grateful I kind of had a mulligan for. The one thing I did that was productive (aside from get in a raging fight with my sister) was make apple turnovers.

The recipe came from the Let’s Get Baked website again, and I listened to the accompanying podcast while baking. I’m always wary of recipes that call for pastry. I feel like they take too long, and my pastry has always been not flaky enough. Fortunately, my new kitchen, well, my dad’s kitchen, has a food processor, which is basically (I found out) the magic bullet of pastry. Shortening and flour go in, and then when you mix everything up, it’s magically perfect. The filling is easy, and it was good enough, but holy balls, am I ever good at making pastry now!

That same night, I made Isa and Terry’s chickpea cutlets from their new book, the Veganomicon. I was scared that they weren’t going to cook all the way through in the frying pan, but they did, and the mustard sauce (also from VCon) that I made was perfect with them.

Finally, an ode to simplicity. I came home late last night after a long day capped with an aquacize class. I was hungry, and everyone had gone to bed. I’m trying not to eat all of my dad and stepmom’s good food, so I wanted to go simple. I ended up taking some thick slices of tofu and some chunks of tomato and frying them up with a little bit of soy sauce. I topped it all off with the mustard sauce from the night before. I figured it would be edible, but it was actually great. I guess it means you’re a lifer vegan when you realize that you actually kind of like the taste of tofu…

Sorry to be so boring – I know I don’t have the flair of many of my fellow veganmofoers, but I’m working on it!


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No, you have flair. I was just thinking that I really like your voice when that insecure comment popped out of nowhere.

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