Hope Sinks

Late Night Eats
November 18, 2007, 3:32 pm
Filed under: VeganMoFo

I’ve been eating late at night lately. That usually means that I’ve come home late-ish and am starving and eat right before going to bed. It’s a bad habit, and I’d like to break it, but there’s something so, well, rock ‘n roll about eating right before going to bed. It’s kind of a bad thing to do, like smoking, or drinking too much, or going to sleep with your makeup on. I don’t smoke, but I do all of those other things. It always feels great at the time, but then I feel like I shouldn’t have the next morning.

Not helping the situation is the fact that I just made a batch of the Mac Daddy from the Veganomicon, and I’m about to make a bunch of the Shepherdess Pie, from the the same book. I see myself coming home drunk and/or late this week and gorging on both. Why is this bad, exactly? What’s really wrong with eating at night as opposed to eating at 6:00? Okay, according to the BBC, nothing!


Oh well.

The Mac Daddy is fantastic, by the way. I added breadcrumbs mixed with a bit of home-made vegan parmesan on top, and it was a good choice.

Until next time…


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