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Pancakes, Cajun, Beer in a Can
November 25, 2007, 12:11 pm
Filed under: Good Days, Sundries, VeganMoFo

A couple of days ago, I decided to skip my corporations law class and make pancakes instead. I made the banana pecan pancakes from Vegan With A Vengeance, but I halved the recipe and omitted the pecans, adding blueberries instead. I made myself three ‘cakes, stacked them up like they do at the vegetarian restaurant with vegan pancakes that I frequent, and put a big ol’ pat of Earth Balance on top, letting it melt and drip down and mingle with the maple syrup. Goddamn but it was delicious.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the boy I dated for more than 5 years, starting when I was 15 and in 10th grade and ending when I was 21 and in my second year of university. We went to local cajun haven, DaDeOs, which isn’t all that vegan friendly, but has a cool atmosphere and plays good music and has lots of interesting stuff to look at on the walls. Jukebox at DaDeos I had the Appocado salad, which is basically big chunks of apple and avocado in a dijon dressing with roasted almonds on top. Not bad at all, but not the most filling either, plus, I would make the dressing a bit more tart, to counter the sweetness of the apples. We also shared the famous sweet potato fries, which never disappoint, and which always make me wish I had a good go-to recipe for cajun spice, which I don’t.

Finally, I went to a show last night and had a couple of beers from cans. I hate drinking beer from a can. I have to put my tongue up against the underside of the drinking hole in order to get any kind of decent flow going, and once the can is half empty, I have to tip my head back uncomfortably to get any beer into my mouth. I feel like it’s anti social and unattractive, and that sucks. Also, beer in a can is too cold when you first get it and warms up to body temperature too quickly. Yuck. It also makes me feel bloated. The moral: Beer in bottles, beer in glasses, NOT beer in cans. Thank you.


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yes, beers from bottles only please

Comment by Patrick Roberts

Something tells me beer with a straw wouldn’t fly either…

Comment by B.A.D.

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