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And We’re Back!
March 10, 2008, 11:46 am
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Okay, it’s been an inexcusably long time since my last post. Sorry about that. Lots has been happening.

Anyway, I’ve got a couple things to blog about today, and thanks to my new(ish) camera, I hope to blog about more stuff soon. First up: Whoopie Pies.

I had never had a whoopie pie before visiting New York City in October of 2007. My friend, Amy, who graciously let me stay with her and was a great guide, showing me around the city, taking me all over the place to meet people, generally being rad, suggested them to me my first night in town when we stopped to grab pizza. The pizza joint had vegan whoopie pies from Vegan Treats, and we each picked one up. Holy shit am I glad I did.

Since that trip, I hadn’t really had much time or inclination to think about baking or cooking, evidenced, I suppose by the lack of posts on this blog. However, now that things are looking up, I’ve started thinking about food again, so, I made whoopie pies. For the cookie part, I used Kittee’s Recipe, which yielded about 24 large, delicious cookies with a soft, cakey texture. After making these, I read Melisser‘s account of making her own version using melted chocolate and adding some espresso powder, so next time, I’ll try that as well.

For the filling, I used a slightly modified version of Mel’s Cooked Buttercream, using coconut milk in place of soy. I meant to add coconut extract as well, but I forgot. The result was a miraculously fluffy, delicious filling that I struggled not to eat out of the bowl with a spoon. It was seriously the best frosting I’ve ever made, and it was much easier than I thought! I don’t know what it is about cooking things involving sugar that tends to freak me out, but recipes like Mel’s are helping me get over it.

Anyway, the result was amazing little bundles of joy that I’m having a hard time not eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


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God, that looks good! I dig the cooked buttercream as well, although I’d a sweetness fiend & love the sugary sweet American buttercream as well!

Comment by melisser

Oh wow…. that looks amazing. How can something so decadent looking be vegan?

Comment by bananatree

Bananatree, veganism and decadence are certainly not mutually exclusive! I gave up cruelty, not taste! For more amazing vegan baking and cooking, check some of the links on my sidebar, and thanks!

Melisser, I’ll make those banana choc chip muffins this week sometime and blog the recipe.

Comment by jordanpattern

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