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May 11, 2008, 11:04 am
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Happy Mother’s Day!

My own mother recently moved away from my town, so I’m spending this mother’s day with three surrogate mothers. First up, I made the stuffed french toast recipe from the current edition of VegNews for my vegan stepmom.

First off, the stuffed french toast concept is genius! The filling in this version is a citrus-y tofu ricotta. The original recipe uses both lemon and orange zest and the juices of both fruits as well. I was a little weary about the lemon, worrying that the flavour might overwhelm the sweeter orange flavour. I was kind of right – next time I make this, I’ll omit the lemon and add a bit more orange – but the result wasn’t too sour and didn’t taste bad. I just would have liked a sweeter citrus flavour as opposed to the lemon. The texture of the “ricotta,” however was perfect – firm tofu and cashew butter created a nice texture that got just the tiniest bit melty when the toast was cooked.

The batter was a simple soymilk and banana mixture with some ground flaxseed thrown in for good measure. I was surprised at how “eggy” the result was when cooked up on french toast. The bread didn’t fry up like grilled cheese but like old-school french toast. Plus, the banana flavour wasn’t overpowering but acted as a nice compliment to the citrus and would, I imagine, be even better with just straight up orange flavour in the ricotta filling.

Anyway, if you have the current edition of VegNews, check out this recipe. It was quick (ish – it took about 45 minutes start to finish), tasty, and actually pretty healthy (the only oil was that that I used to fry the toast in, and there was less than a 1/4 cup of sugar in the whole recipe), and delicious. I’ll certainly be experimenting with the stuffed french toast concept more and will post my findings here


Soon, my grandma will be coming over for tea with the family. I would have liked to have made some kind of tea-related thing, but I didn’t end up having time, so fruit, tea, and leftover french toast with jam will have to do.

Finally, tonight, my brother, sister, and I will be taking our maternal aunt out for dinner at Padmanadi Vegan Restaurant, and then, with any luck, skyping with our actual mother.


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Dang, that looks good! I have the VegNews, but hadn’t even considered making it, despite Ryan’s love for French Toast.

Comment by Melisser

It’s seriously good, though I really think I’m right about the lemon – just leave it out unless you want a lemony taste (as opposed to “citrus-y”).

Comment by jordanpattern

That French toast alone may persuade me to buy the issue.

Comment by B.A.D.

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