Hope Sinks

May 14, 2008, 9:19 pm
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I always forget how much I love a good salad.

I know, I know. It’s the vegan cliche: rabbit food. I just can’t help myself. I especially love a mountain of crisp greens (not lettuce, generally – mixed spring greens or straight up spinach are my leaves of choice) with different combinations of textures and temperatures. One of my favorite salads of all time comes from local veggie restaurant (and former place of employment) Cafe Mosaics. Though I can’t share the recipe, it involves spring greens, onions, a whole mess of assorted fruit, balsamic vinaigrette, and (wait for it) portabello mushrooms sauteed in homemade teriyaki marinade. Yow.

Anyway, I walked home from work today (total step count for May 14: 17,873) and found myself starving by the time I made it. I didn’t want something bready or heavy, so, finding a block of Sunergia blue “cheese” my stepmom had bought, I was inspired to make a huge-ass salad. Though I didn’t have any spinach or spring greens, there was a big bag of romaine lettuce (acceptable in a pinch). I made a bed of chopped romaine and decided to go simple: red onion, tomato, mushrooms, balsamic maple dijon dressing (my old standby), and the Sunergia. My salad looked great, and I sat down to eat…

Unfortunately, folks, that Sunergia cheese was gross ass.

A couple hours after finishing my meal (which ended up with me picking out the “cheese” and putting the rest of the salad in tupperware so I can revamp it tomorrow with some fresh veggies and hopefully rescue it from the garbage), I still feel gross. I’ve tried to erase the taste of the “cheese” with a PB cup, jolly ranchers, and gum (oh, and vigorous tooth brushing), but I can’t eat or scrub the gross away.

It’s hard to say exactly what about the Sunergia I found so gross. I ate a bunch of it before deciding it was really grossing me out, so it wasn’t immediately off-putting. It tastes pretty much like tofu and has a similar texture (though smoother and with less liquid). I wouldn’t even go so far as to say that no one should buy the stuff because it’s no good. Who knows – you, dear reader, might like it. I just know I sure as hell didn’t. It’s one of the mysteries of food that sometimes things put you off for no good reason, and tonight, I got put off.

Anyone who wants to bring me some ginger tea is most welcome.


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I didn’t like the blue cheese.. the feta was sorta OK.

Comment by melisser

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