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May 15, 2008, 8:25 pm
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My mom is in town, so I spent the day with her and my little brother and sister. We met up at Cafe Mosaics, where I was finally able to fulfill my salad lust (see yesterday’s post) with the Mosaics Salad at Cafe Mosaics. Mosaics Salad

We had a lovely lunch and then headed out for a walk in the river valley. It was hot today (26 degrees C / 82-ish degrees F) and sunny, and after walking around for an hour or so, we were ready for something cold. We headed to Da Capo for vegan gelato.

Da Capo had that awesome kind of vegan gelato/sorbet (I never know what to call it) that is so smooth it seems creamy and always freaks me out for the first couple bites or so. I had a scoop of lemon and a scoop of raspberry to cool off, and it totally hit the spot.

Cold Chill

We then headed back to my brother and sister’s house while my mom headed back to her sister’s place for a break before heading to Bacon for dinner. I was worried that I wouldn’t be hungry enough to do Bacon justice (it’s my favorite local restaurant, and I don’t go all that often), but I needn’t have worried. Bacon is a perfect summer restaurant. The door was propped open, and there was a warm breeze and sun streaming in the large front windows. Catherine and I both ordered the Australian Mountain Pepper Berry Ale from Edmonton’s new-ish Amber’s Brewing Company. This beer rules, and you all should try it.


For starters, we ordered a couple of the vegan Poutines (roasted sweet and regular potatoes with an amazing miso sesame gravy), which I failed to get a photo of. For my meal, I ordered my standby, the Vancouver Rice Bowl, which contains brown rice, grated raw beets and carrots, sprouts, cucumber, sauteed greens, tofu coated with a nutritional yeast and sesame seeds and then fried all up, wasabi-dill dressing, and sesame miso gravy.


Finally, I just found out that Bacon does Vegan Wednesdays. I didn’t ask what exactly that means, but I’m stoked and will report back with my findings on my next available Wednesday.

Vegan Wednesday


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Bacon hardly seems like a joint with vegan food, but what you described sounds good! Also, it was 100 degrees here today! Let’s hope it cools off a bit for your return.

Comment by melisser

Bacon is hardly a vegan restaurant, but in Edmonton, knowing what vegan IS is a pretty big deal. Plus, they have vegan cupcakes and will prepare most of the meat dishes with braised tofu instead of flesh. Vegan friendly, most definitely!

Comment by jordanpattern

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