Hope Sinks

Eating Depression
November 5, 2007, 12:15 pm
Filed under: Bad Days, VeganMoFo

Anyone who knows me at all knows that right now, I’m depressed. I recently went through an absolutely horrifying breakup, so for the past week, I’ve had trouble getting much food into me.

One of the things about vegan food is that it’s (supposed to be, anyway) nourishing, healthy, full of vitality and life. There are exceptions, of course (notably the fried “chicken” and “bacon” with “ranch” sandwich I had at Foodswings when I was in New York last month), but largely, one can feel good about eating a vegan meal. This isn’t to say that all vegan food is healthy rabbit food; to the contrary, the stuff I’m talking about has substance, fat, flavour, and spice. so why is it, then, that when we get depressed, we reject that nourishment?

It’s pretty clear to me that what my brain needs right now is nourishment. Dealing with a bout of depression requires energy, both mental and physical, and that requires, well, food. This makes me wonder if the fact that my body is being so screwed up about food right now (as in, it doesn’t want it) means that my body is literally so depressed that it’s trying to die. This, this is a scary and depressing thought, but realizing it made me feel strangely better.

See, the more I fight my body (and probably my mind too, since that’s probably what’s really controlling everything) on this, the better I’m going to feel. Hopefully, VeganMoFo will help give me a bit of a push as well to get good, nourishing food into my body, and this will help me get better. Okay, so it’s not actually eating depression, but by helping me eat, VeganMoFo will help me eat away at that depression. Check back next month – hopefully this will all be a tasty memory.